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Add-me-to-Search, Google People Card

Add me to Search: One may wonder, is it possible to add myself to Google search? Well, with the availability of add me to Google search card, the answer is a definite yes. To add yourself to Google search card, you need to simply type the “add me to Search” or “add me to Google” query in the search box and you should be able to create your personalized Google search card. This search card appears each time someone searches for your name on Google in the search results.

The card has a ton of benefits and is easy to create. Moreover, if you’re also looking for personal branding services, you can also take assistance from our SEO Company India – EZ Rankings. We can help your name get the attention it deserves on the search engines and more with our customized, cutting-edge SEO services.

This blog will work as a guide to create your personalized, add me to Google virtual search card. So, read it till the end to gain an extensive, functioning knowledge of the Google search card.

The Fundamentals Of Google Search Card

What is Add Me To Search

It’s now possible to add yourself to Google search with the help of add me to Google search card. This search card is created by an individual which they can use to add their personal information, and social media links. The card is only available in India, Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa. Simply have a Google account, and have the Web & App Activity turned on.

Hence, this card works like a virtual business card that shows up in the results whenever someone searches for your name. Thus, add me to Google search card can create a strong search presence even for uncelebrated individuals. Even searchers can find accurate information about such an individual with this card.

Hence, searchers get up-to-date information about an individual which includes personal information and social media links. Anybody looking to build an online presence can avail of this card.

Guidelines For Google Profile Card

The general rule is to keep your virtual Google search card updated for it to continuously get displayed in Google. If the card is not updated or verified for quite some time, Google might stop displaying it in the results.

Google Profile Card

You can edit personal information anytime that gets displayed in the ‘add me to search’ Google People cards. It can take up to a few hours for the people card to get displayed. However, Google takes no assurance that everyone’s card will get displayed. Include more details if it isn’t getting displayed on the search results after a few hours.

Moreover, keep these pointers in mind while creating add me to search Google card:

  1. Only include personal information
  2. Include suggestions with your virtual personal card such as “profession”. If no suggestions are generated, you can add personalized free text.
  3. Don’t contain advertising terms such as “only”, “cheapest”.
  4. Avoid derogatory remarks about an organization, group, event, or any issues.
  5. It must not cause any harm and should respect the rights of others

Not following these guidelines can lead to the removal or permanent cancellation of the Google search card.

The Significance Of Add Me To Search Google Card

Add Me To Search Google Card

If you wish to add yourself to the Google search, there’s no better way than to have a Search card. It’s an online business card that can help an individual achieve better visibility in the search results. Thus, it is of great importance, and here are some of the major benefits that one can get from having a add me to search Google card:

  1. Ease of gaining leads.
  2. Convincingly highlights your brand, work, or achievements.
  3. Effortlessly separates your name from celebrities or popular individuals.
  4. For Personal branding purposes.
  5. Builds a personal information section whenever someone searches your name on Google.
  6. Makes it easy for individuals to connect with you as it includes your latest information.
  7. It provides you the option of displaying your website and social media profiles, thus, allowing individuals to know about your habits and interests as a way to connect with you.

Therefore, add me to the Google search card has a ton of benefits. Simply, typing the keywords “add me to Google search” can provide you with the steps to create a personalized Google search card.

It’s comfortable to get started with a virtual business card and receive all of the benefits mentioned above.

How To Create Add Me To Google Search Card?

How to add me to Google Search is a question someone may think of. These are the correct steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Search “add me to Google” by typing the right keywords.

Step1 - Add Me To Google

Before anything else, first, ensure that you have your language set to English and Hindi. Simply, enter the search query “add yourself to Google search”, and you should see the very first option to create your people card. Another way is you can go on Google and simply type “add me to Google” or “edit my people card”. You should find the option and then click on Get started.

Step 2: Enter the correct information in the Google search card.

Step 2: Enter the correct information in Google search card

You should now start by filling in your information. The fields that appear first are name, location, about, and job. Moreover, you can add additional information if you wish to. You can also add the following social profiles to add me to search Google cards:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SoundCloud

Most information can be entered manually. However, the only two exceptions to this are email and phone numbers that Google automatically fetches from your Google account. So, you can only change your email and phone number on the card only if you change it from your Google account.

Step 3: Preview And Submit The Card

Step 3: Preview And Submit The Google Search Card

You can now preview the card before it goes live. Simply, click on Preview available at the bottom of the page. If you’re satisfied with the edition, save it and click on Submit. It should be indexed by search engines. Finally, search for your name and add me to search Google card should become visible to you.

How To Edit The Google People Card

google People card - Mansi Rana

Sometimes you are not pleased with the information that pops up after you add yourself to a Google search. After a simple search query of “edit my people card”, just follow the steps given below and it should be convenient for you like how to edit the add me to search Google card information.

Step.1 – Open the internet browser on your mobile device. Log in with your Google account and simply type edit my people card.

Step.2 – At the top right, click on Edit.

Step.3 – Finally, change the sections you wish to edit. You can observe the preview of the section edited. Save the changes, if satisfied.

Remove Email And Phone Numbers

Step.1 – Sometimes, people don’t want personal information on the add me to Google card such as email and phone number. To do this:

Step.2 – Follow the above steps.

Step.3 – You can now delete your contact info and then leave the area blank that you don’t want to share.

Finally, preview and save.

How To Remove Your Google Virtual Search Card?

Follow these steps to remove your Google search card:

  1. Sign in with your Google account and visit Google.com.
  2. Search for Edit My People Card.
  3. Finally, tap on Remove my search card from Google.

Optimize Your Google Profile Card With These Steps

You can follow these steps to optimize your Google search card:

  1. Ensure that the information on the card matches the actual information. A mismatch could lead to deletion from the search index. Hence always provide accurate, relevant, and latest information.
  2. Make sure to keep the sentences precise as add me to search Google cards are bit-sized. The people card should be straightforward and clear without including any unnecessary information.
  3. Most certainly, don’t post a picture of anyone else. Always put a clear and recognizable picture of yourself on your Google people card.

Finally, to check your updated People Card on Google search, just type ‘Add me to search’ from your Google account. It will display your personal People Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Google people card?

 Ans. The Google People Cards is a knowledge base people card used by Google and its services to enhance its search engine’s results with information gathered from people submitted to Google.

Q. What is the use of Google People Card?

Ans. Google People Card is a way for you to personalize and add information about yourself to your Google profile. This is useful for representing yourself in an organized and professional manner, especially if you are a temporary employee or represent a company or organization on LinkedIn. You can provide contact details, such as an email address, phone number, and title; write biographical information such as hometown and career history; and even provide links to content such as websites, photos of your resume, and online portfolios.

Q. How do I create a Google people card?

Ans. People can follow you in a Google people card or add you to Search Card by following the instructions in this article. If a person searches for you and looks at your Google profile, your profile picture, the information shared and other information will appear alongside their search results.

Q. Why does my Google People Card not show?

Ans. Please ensure your Web & App activity is tuned on with your Google Account. You need to use your personal Google account and your language must be set to English. If your Google People Card doesn’t appear just yet, you may still see it in the future. This is a bit of a work in progress – Google is working on its search privacy policy, and some users had their data removed from search results along with their profiles. But if you want to start seeing your profile in the coming weeks, go through the setup process again and start seeing a new collection of information that should be in more places.


Google people card allows individuals to appear in search results by creating their profiles that include relevant personal information, and social media links. The search card helps in branding and acquiring targeted leads, alongside multiple other benefits. However, the virtual search card guidelines must be followed and the search card must be optimized for better results.

The search card can be easily added, removed, or edited. Add me to Google search card allows individuals to separate themselves on the search engines. Therefore, it’s an interesting and innovative way of personal branding if utilized well.