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Are you having trouble locating a trusted SEO Reseller partner who can meet your client's goals? If so, you've found the correct spot because EZ Rankings has long been a dependable SEO reseller for agencies all around the world. With over 100+ agencies and over 1000+ accounts handled, EZ Rankings is your go-to SEO reseller partner if you want to offer modern, efficient SEO services to your clients. By using our SEO Reseller program to outsource SEO, you can expand your client base and digital offerings. Our white label SEO services boost your client's ranking, online visibility, and website traffic, since we offer thoughtful, cutting-edge solutions at competitive prices.

Here are some quick stats on our successes:

  • Served over 100+ agencies.
  • Handled over 1000+ accounts.
  • Traffic growth by 1200%.
  • 6700% increase in revenues.
  • 90% Page 1 keyword rankings.
  • Complete consultancy and guidance.
  • Industry's best-paid tools.
  • Access to white label dashboards, and marketing materials.

We have over 12+ years of expertise and have worked with clients in many niches. Join forces with EZ Rankings and experience growth that is exponential. Are you excited? Let's begin this collaboration.

Empowering 100+ Agencies Across The Globe



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Best SEO Reseller Company That Delivers

When you choose EZ Rankings as your SEO Reseller agency, we promise to produce outstanding results for the next level of business success.

SEO Reseller Services

Our full-stack SEO services facilitate you with our expertise that allows you to scale up your agency by strengthening your relationships with clients. We've designed full stack workflows that execute all the work for your client campaigns and develop your client's trust and confidence in your agency.

National SEO
National SEO

With the support of our reseller program, we can also assist your clients if they want to target a certain country. To assist your clients in broadening their reach in a particular country, our best SEO reseller agency can develop international SEO campaigns.

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Local SEO
Local SEO

Your clients can attract customers from a certain area with the help of our SEO Reseller program. Local content generation, citation building, Google Business Profile optimization, NAP consistency, and other techniques are all part of our geo-specific, local SEO strategies.

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Ecommerce SEO
E-commerce SEO

Our SEO Reseller services can be the ideal thing for you to buy if any of your e-commerce clients are having trouble with exposure and authority on the search engines. We'll increase your client's online store's visibility for pertinent searches and assist them to outperform the competition.

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We can manage your client's reputation online and turn it all around for their business. Whether it's a revamp, or improving authority online, we have all the techniques to get it right for your client's business. We can build a business everyone wants to work with.

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Other Reseller Services You Might Be Interested In

PPC Reseller
PPC Reseller

PPC Reseller - Sell PPC services under your brand and let us do your work confidentially. Our expert team will help your client to get traffic & sales quickly with our PPC services. We handle your client campaigns while you take all the credit. It's that easy!

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Social Media
Social Media

Get Social Media reseller at a wholesale rate that helps to improve the brand engagement/presence of your client and make them satisfied. Join our SMO reseller program!

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Web Design
Web Design

With the help of our web design reseller program, you can simply start getting benefits by giving clients custom web design & development solutions to us. With our SEO Reseller India program, you can build and design your clients' websites professionally on time with zero compromises on quality.

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Enterprise SEO
Enterprise SEO

With our SEO techniques, we assist larger firms in growing even bigger. At EZ Rankings, we have assisted enterprises in increasing their revenue and profitability. We simplify the complexity of penetrating market competition with our unique, personalized methodologies. Get your clients the required assistance with our Enterprise SEO services.

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SEO Reseller Programs At Discounted Pricing

Hire the top SEO reseller services available in the market to boost your client's company's SERP positioning, visibility, and traffic.
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Trusted By Companies

We take pride in having served 10,000+ clients in a variety of industries. We have worked with companies of all sizes, and we are also familiar with the market conditions across a wide range of industries. Our broad spectrum of knowledge and experience comes because of the work we've done. Here are some of the significant clients we've worked with:

How Do Our SEO Reseller Programs Work?

These are the steps you'll go through with us before you start seeing the results for your clients:

Connect With Us

Visit our website to set up a call with one of our professionals so you can go through the details of your project.

Share Reseller Pricing

Following our initial conversation, we send you an appropriate SEO reseller package based on your needs. In any case, you can select the package of your choice and pay us.

Project Confirmation

We send you an order confirmation for the reseller package you purchased after we have received full payment. We also send an order confirmation to the specified email.

Introduction Of Project Managers

When you use our SEO Reseller services, we introduce the project managers who will serve as your exclusive point of contact for the duration of the entire project cycle after your project has been confirmed.

Kick-Off Call

When we begin working on your project, we let you know whether we need any further details from you. Our assigned and committed project manager contacts you to go over your comprehensive client requirements and objectives.

Customized Plan

After thoroughly analyzing your project, we develop a customized SEO strategy. We develop a strategic plan that specifies what actions to do when, based on your client's requirements and the package you chose.

Project Execution

After the planning is complete, we begin the project's execution. We make sure to use the most up-to-date equipment and technology to ensure that every action performed from our end is precise.

Monthly Reporting And Updates

We also give our clients weekly updates and monthly reporting throughout the project execution so they are aware of the status of their client's campaign. Additionally, you claim sole ownership of the reports we produce if you use our SEO Reseller services.

Ready to Grow?

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SEO Reseller Guide for Agencies & Professionals

Are you an agency wanting to outsource SEO services for clients to an agency? Well, you shouldn't go just for any agency, but a specialized agency, such as an SEO Reseller. An SEO Reseller can help an agency outsource its client's SEO services. With the help of an SEO Reseller, an agency can focus on its core competency, save time, and resources, build better relationships with clients and deliver industry-level SEO services all under their brand name. However, agencies often find themselves in doubt as they don't understand an SEO Reseller agreement completely. Well, we're here to help as down below we've focused on some common questions and answered them for your convenience.

What Is An SEO Reseller?

An SEO Reseller provides a type of SEO outsourcing service to other agencies (typically design, development and marketing agencies) that allow them the option of providing SEO services to their clients without hiring an in-house SEO team. Thus, an arrangement between an SEO reseller and another agency allows the agency to provide SEO services to its clients with the help of an SEO Reseller under its name.

How Does An SEO Reseller Program Work?

When an agency decides to work with an SEO Reseller, they trust an SEO Reseller with their client’s projects. An SEO Reseller program is an agreement between an SEO Reseller and other agency. An agency can provide SEO services to its clients without utilizing any of its resources as they simply outsource their client’s SEO to an SEO Reseller.

Most importantly, SEO Reseller programs are white label meaning that an agency can still provide SEO services to its clients under their name, even though, it’s the SEO Reseller who performs the job.

How Can An SEO Reseller Company Help?

SEO resellers aid agencies in outsourcing the complete SEO process to trusted experts. This gives an agency more time to get new clients and deliver its best work by focusing on its core competency. A win-win for both the parties involved if pulled off correctly. Moreover, an agency doesn’t have to use any of its resources or build any as they just have to direct the SEO work of clients to a reseller. On top of it, this also gets the work done under their brand name since SEO Resellers offer white label services.

Who Can Use SEO Reseller Services?

Any agency that wants to sell SEO services to its clients can opt for SEO Reseller services. An agency that lacks the resources to sell SEO services can choose to outsource SEO services to its clients. Precisely agencies that also don’t get enough time to focus on their specialization and spend much of their time working on SEO for clients can opt for SEO Reseller services.

What’s The Cost of SEO Reseller Services?

SEO reseller packages are mostly flexible, meaning, they are work determined. Depending on the requirement, SEO Reseller pricing is adjusted and varies from one agency to another. Most commonly, SEO Resellers don't reveal their costs online and an agency has to contact them directly to get an accurate cost.

However, as per Google data, SEO costs are highly variable ranging from as low as $1000 to a high of $100,000 or more. The average cost is $50 – $500 per hour for SEO agencies.

Who Has Benefited From Our Reseller Services?

You can save time and money with our reseller services, which is advantageous for your company. We have assisted numerous enterprises in maximizing their earnings. Here are some sectors our reseller SEO services have impacted:

Web Development Agencies

Web Development Agencies

With our best SEO Reseller company, we help web development agencies maximize their profits by enhancing their digital offerings. Without investing in additional resources, they can start offering professional SEO services to their clients.

PR Firms

PR Firms

SEO services are largely required by Public Relation firms since the top SERP position guarantees maximum visibility. This aids a company's online dominance and reputation-building, which is why Public Relation firms frequently turn to us for our SEO Reseller program.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Internet marketing agencies from around the globe leverage our SEO Reseller services. For producing desirable results, agencies opt for our SEO Reseller Packages. With our expertise and experience, we vastly improve the search rankings for a client's business.

Marketing Agencies

Business Consultants

For any business to experience unprecedented growth in today's time, it requires higher search rankings. We help a business by ranking their website higher for organic keywords, ensuring traffic & visibility along the way. This way businesses can grow more.

What Type Of SEO Do You Need?

Why Choose EZ Rankings As Your SEO Reseller Partner?

Here are all the reasons why you should be partnering with us:

Become Our Reseller Partner

Are you looking for White Label SEO Services?


Through our services, we've developed incredible connections with our clients over the years. We have established ourselves as a digital partner for companies globally through constant communication and cutting-edge SEO solutions. This ought to give you a sense of what we've delivered for our clients and how they think of us as a digital brand: 

Craig Raucher

Craig Raucher

InThe impact of their work has been powerful and measurable: we receive numerous "hits" per day...

Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold

Thanks to EZ Rankings' efforts, the client was able to have three phrases rank on the first page of Google...

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Tyler Sipple

Tyler Sipple

Thank you so much to the team of EZ Rankings, for helping my startup set sail with such...



I am very glad to find EZ Rankings as they are brilliantly handling Kajaria Ceramics SEO, Google Map Optimization...

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Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh

EZ Rankings with their ORM services help me achieve better online reputation within 2 months...

Amu Letin

Amu Letin

In a very short span of time we have been provided the best website and a lot of traffic for our site...

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Why You Should Get An SEO Reseller Company For Your Business?

An SEO reseller can undoubtedly help small firms. However, small businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from an SEO Reseller. An SEO Reseller might also be advantageous for a larger company with plenty of resources.

  • Contrary to popular belief, many of our reseller partners have experience in fields like marketing and development services.
  • Businesses can only accomplish so much during the daytime due to the limited number of hours. To accomplish the broader objective, they often have to make a sacrifice.
  • They frequently seek out professional SEO reseller services from an SEO agency when they need professional SEO assistance.
  • They choose an SEO Reseller program since they may lack the expertise to offer SEO services. A company may still be unable to satisfy customers even with ample resources because SEO requires a complex set of procedures.
  • Because SEO is an area that is always changing and necessitates modern strategies, organizations find themselves in need of SEO resellers. An SEO Reseller is necessary to give the finest results to your clients because they have the knowledge and experience to produce effective SEO outcomes. To create successful SEO campaigns for clients, they use the most recent techniques and technologies.
  • Moreover, SEO Resellers preserve the brand identity of a business and do all the work under the agency's name. Thus, an agency can grow with an SEO Reseller without losing out on market credibility.
  • Don't struggle with client demands when they can be outsourced with an SEO Reseller. Hire a reputable SEO Reseller agency today!

Case Studies: Our Work With A Solid Proof

With EZ Rankings, many of our agency partners have tasted success. Here are a few examples that speak of our work:

A California-based firm joined our SEO Reseller program in April of 2018. They initially took our SEO Reseller services for one client, but currently, we handle 75 of their clients. We assisted the agency in generating $186000 in revenue with an average increase of 1700 percent in clients traffic. As of today, 90 percent of clients' keywords rank on page one of Google.

  • Agency Associated with us since April 2018
  • Projects Started: 1
  • Current Projects: 75
  • Growth in Keyword % on Top: 90% are on Page #1 of Google
  • Growth in Traffic: 1700% improvement
  • Revenue Generated - $186000
  • Agency Country - California, USA

In June of 2016, a Texas-based agency became our SEO Reseller partner. Their clients' average traffic increased by 1200 percent, and 95 percent of clients' keywords now appear on Google's first page. We currently manage 112 of the agency's projects and have assisted them in generating $775,000 in revenue.


  • Agency Associated with us since June 2016
  • Projects Started: 1
  • Current Projects: 112
  • Growth in Keyword % on Top: 95% are on Page #1 of Google
  • Growth in Traffic: 1200% improvement
  • Revenue Generated - $775000
  • Agency Country - Texas, USA
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Onboard your Clients With These Simple Steps

You're a little preoccupied with work. We have made it simple for you to hire us as your SEO Reseller. You can choose EZ Rankings as your SEO Reseller on the count of 3.

1. Schedule A Call

2. Confirm Your Project

3. We Grow Together

Is Our SEO Reseller Program A Good Fit For Your Company?

If you've made up your mind to outsource SEO, here are a few pointers that'll help you decide if you require us as your SEO Reseller partner:

  • You require cost-saving options without compromising on quality.
  • You don't have enough time to manage your workload and can't get new clients.
  • SEO is not your core competency and you'd rather focus on other services.
  • You're constantly worried about losing clients due to poor quality.
  • You've never found a good reseller partner.
  • You're experiencing growth hindrance and need expert guidance.
  • Your competitors are capturing the market and you need a reasonable fix.

If you're confident of our services, don't waste any of your time and schedule a call with our experts and get a professional SEO Reseller agency on board.

Good Fit For Your Company

Benefits Of SEO Reseller Services

SEO Resellers focus on cutting-edge SEO solutions that help a website in gaining exposure, traffic, and keyword rankings. Here are some of the well-established benefits of getting an SEO Reseller for your business:

Better Relationships

Better Market Reputation

An SEO Reseller increases the digital offerings of an agency. Not just the quantity but the quality of these offerings also improve with an SEO Reseller. With higher quality work delivered for clients, the market reputation of an agency boosts.

Saving Of Resources

Saving Of Resources

An agency can acquire expert SEO services with the help of an SEO reseller without spending a lot of money. They save on things like employing and training an internal team and paying for SEO tools. Thus, a ton of resources are saved with an SEO Reseller.

Scalable Results

Scalable Results

An SEO Reseller is a complete team of individuals specializing in SEO. Therefore, if a client comes with a bulk request or a large order, an SEO Reseller can deliver. An SEO Reseller can produce results as per the project size.

On-Demand Service

On-Demand Service

SEO Reseller programs are capable of delivering as per client expectations. An agency can offer flexible SEO services to clients with an SEO Reseller as it's possible to get instant SEO services. As per the requirement of clients, customized SEO solutions can be provided.

Time For Core Competency

Time For Core Competency

An agency looks for SEO services outward when they feel they don't specialize in it. Every agency specializes in some service, and if SEO is not their core competency, they can simply outsource their client's SEO work to an SEO Reseller.

Improved Relationships

Improved Relationships

An SEO Reseller specializes in providing contemporary, premium SEO services. By getting an SEO Reseller on board, an agency can improve its relationships with clients as they are delivering extraordinary outcomes for clients.

Get our SEO Reseller Program And Let's Grow Together

We're committed to providing you excellent results for your agency as we've done for other agencies over the past 12+ years.

With EZ Rankings SEO Reseller services, your agency can reach new heights and increase clientele. You'd also have access to the latest SEO technology, and would be able to set up customized, advanced, and effective SEO campaigns for your clients with ease. With this, your agency's reputation and growth are ensured.

  • 1200% Traffic

    The percentage of traffic growth we achieved for our agencies clients across the board.

  • 100+ Agencies

    We've partnered with and impacted these many agencies worldwide.

  • 6700% Revenue

    The average boost in revenue for agencies that have chosen us as their SEO Reseller partner.

  • 85% Keywords

    The average page #1 rankings for agency clients.

Is all this what you're looking for?

Well, if you are, sign up for our SEO Reseller services today.

Join Our SEO Reseller Program

What Is An SEO Reseller Program?

An agency can hire an SEO Reseller to handle their clients' SEO needs. As a result, an SEO Reseller manages the clients of another agency and handles their SEO requirements. Many SEO firms provide SEO reseller services, allowing them to provide SEO services to the clients of another agency. 

An SEO Reseller Program allows an agency to provide SEO services to its clients without ever requiring any expansion. Both an SEO Reseller and an agency can gain and multiply their income with a simple reseller agreement. Therefore, an SEO Reseller can help an agency offer SEO services through the SEO reseller program or private label SEO program to its clients where the work gets done by an SEO Reseller but the credit goes to the agency.

How Does Our SEO Reseller Program Work?

Working with SEO reseller programs is easy, straightforward, and affordable, especially, with an SEO reseller from India like us. All you need to do is choose from our variety of SEO plans that fit your clients' needs. Once you chose the plan, we use our resources and professionals that will work on your projects and take over your client's SEO requirements. You will also get real-time updates that you can share with the clients all under your brand name. These are white-label services that help you get started with SEO in a jiffy. Given below is our Reseller SEO approach that we deliver for a company's clients:


Once you pick a plan and share your client's details with us, we create a custom plan for them. There are many SEO companies, but what makes us different is our custom approach. We understand the business from the core and do market research, to get a head start.

Our company prepares an action plan that brings more focused results. This helps us to achieve all your client's business goals. You can be sure of robust execution planning in every reseller SEO program of ours as we are the best SEO reseller in India.


We know no two businesses are the same and that's why the strategies are also different. At EZ Rankings, we follow a complete custom SEO strategy to help your clients thrive online. With our white label SEO services, we help all companies regardless of size go big on traction and sales.

When you opt for SEO Reseller India, you can be sure of excellent results for your clients. We ensure their satisfaction through modern tactics. With our custom strategy, we offer a stronger competitive advantage for your clients over their competitors. When you do business with EZ Rankings, we assure you that your clients' SEO needs are, indeed, in safe hands.


Execution is the most important aspect of search optimization and our team at EZ Rankings is a pro at it. When you buy SEO Reseller Program from us, our project managers assign team members to your work. This boosts work execution and also keeps the whole process more transparent. 

We follow a results-driven strategy that makes you get ahead of the curve with ease. EZ Rankings brings in years of experience in SEO execution to deliver the best results.


Many agencies are present online that offer Reseller SEO Programs. However, only a few deliver the word-of-mouth promise. EZ Rankings is a quality SEO reseller from India whose among those companies that stick to their commitment.

We follow an easy way towards all processes and keep you posted about all the progress made. This way you can check the work done on your clients' projects. When the results are transparent, you get the chance to retain the customers for a much longer time. Get transforming results with EZ Rankings SEO services.

What Services Does EZ Rankings Provide To Agencies?

Every SEO reseller program of ours is an advantage in itself. It is because it covers a wide range of aspects of your client's business. To make it transparent, we've kept the technical portion straightforward and easy to understand. From keyword research to strategic action plans or analysis, we have you covered.

Even though services depend on the project, these are some of the more common services we provide as an SEO Reseller:

Free Website Analysis

When you opt for the best SEO Reseller India with EZ Rankings — you get a free website analysis. It's free for all your clients that are potential buyers. With a free website report, you can convince the client by showing where they're lacking and what can be improved upon to regain their organic performance.

Website analysis or SEO audit involves checking and ensuring the website on parameters such as speed, SEO, user experience, etc. At EZ Rankings, we thoroughly go through a client's website and check for any issues. Our focus is on enhancing website performance by checking for duplicate content, toxic backlinks, broken link check, page URLs, and more. At this stage, site issues are identified, and then a customized, holistic strategy gets developed to fix the issues that are there on the website. 

The aim is to resolve any errors that might be giving the users a bad experience or restricting the website from ranking higher on the SERPs.

Keyword Research

In digital marketing, keyword research involves identifying the terms on which a business can rank in search engine results. EZ Rankings identifies the keywords for which a client can rank as we boil down to the specific search terms with the help of keyword research tools. We make use of specialized paid tools to gather data on which keywords, a business can rank. 

At EZ Rankings, we identify the search terms based on the latest SEO practices and as per the data provided by tools. With a balanced approach, an SEO Reseller agency like ours identifies practical, achievable keywords for every client. 

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis involves identifying competitors and recognizing the strategies that they're adopting. Every business has some competitors and EZ Rankings can help your clients identify them. Not only the identification but we undertake thorough analysis to identify the ranking strategies that they're adopting for any search engine. After the strategies are identified, we try and implement better strategies to outrank a business's competitor.

With the help of tools, and cutting edge SEO measures we convincingly undertake competitor analysis and achieve lucrative results. Hence, competitor analysis is a crucial segment of our SEO Reseller service.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves optimizing the website's technical parameters so that it can rank higher on the SERPs. EZ Rankings checks for any crawling error, indexing of site pages, robots.txt, sitemap verification, and multiple other technical SEO parameters to ensure that search bots can easily access a client's website without any problems.

At EZ Rankings, we understand technical parameters are vital for any website to get ranked, and therefore, our SEO professionals pay attention to every technical detail of a website as a search engine won't rank a website if it has multiple technical issues on it.

Content Marketing

Content is the backbone and driving force of any SEO campaign. For this reason, an SEO expert considers content marketing extremely crucial as it's all about creating and distributing relevant content. EZ Rankings' content strategy involves distributing content to a client's target audience, and hence, in the process increasing the trust and credibility of the client's business. With more targeted, user focused content, the visibility boosts, leading to an increase in traffic and search rankings and hence more leads are possible with quality content marketing.

Link Building

With link building, businesses try to get links from external website that point back to their website. With EZ Rankings link building measures, clients have seen immense traffic being navigated from other external websites.

At EZ Rankings, we focus on creating industry based links, competitor links, and other quality links to get potent results from link building measures. We focus on the quality of links and not the quantity and hence create quality links in the process that bring valuable traffic to a client's website and boost its rankings and hastens up their search engine optimization efforts.

How An Agency Can Benefit With An SEO Reseller?

Any agency is likely to benefit from an SEO Reseller provided the arrangement is done right. With an SEO Reseller, an agency can benefit in the following ways:

1. They Get An In-House Team Of Professionals 

Think of a reseller as an extension of an agency, and as an in-house team without being one. SEO Reseller provides SEO services to the clients of an agency and the agency gets all these services without ever requiring in-house SEO professionals. No expansion is required on part of the agency as simply the work gets transferred to an SEO Reseller.

Therefore, without ever investing in professionals, an agency gets SEO services from an SEO Reseller agency. However, SEO services can vary from one reseller to another. Some might be good with technical SEO, Local SEO, etc. So, make sure to choose SEO Resellers that can be of some value to your clients. 

2. An Agency Can Focus On Its Core Competency 

No agency is great at everything they do. They certainly specialize in some services, while struggling with some. If an agency doesn't have expertise in SEO, they certainly do require an SEO Reseller. With an SEO Reseller, the reseller being an expert at SEO handles all the client SEO requirements. Meanwhile, the agency gets the time to focus on its core competency and deliver to clients what they're capable of.

With huge savings on time and resources, an agency can conveniently focus on what they're good at, meanwhile, the SEO agency reseller handles the SEO requirements of clients. 

3. Addition Of Services With An SEO Reseller 

With SEO Resellers, an agency gets to offer SEO services to its clients without any expansion. Simply, an agency can offer SEO services to its clients and get all the work done from an SEO Reseller under their agency name. With this arrangement, an agency can offer additional services to its clients that they are receiving in the form of an SEO Reseller program. Local SEO, Page SEO, and more can be offered to clients with the help of an SEO Reseller program.

4. Better Relationships With Clients Alongside Market Dominance 

An agency can better serve its clients by getting SEO services from professionals. With SEO Resellers, an agency can achieve expert SEO services for its clients, which can therefore vastly improve the quality of work. With better work, the market authority and dominance of an agency automatically increase.  This also leads to a better relationship with clients as the quality of delivered work becomes excellent. 

How We Price Our SEO Reseller Services?

Though SEO Reseller arrangements can vary in pricing and services from one reseller to another, SEO Reseller services are commonly priced in two major ways:

1. Bulk Buyer Pricing

For any reseller service, bulk buyer pricing is usually all about offering a fixed price service where discounts are strictly based on the services chosen. We offer a flat price on our reseller services but the discounts are based on the services chosen.  With varying degrees of discounts on the services chosen, bulk buyer pricing can vary from one client to another based on the services they require from us. 

2. Dedicated Pricing 

Dedicated pricing is strictly based on the client's work. We first analyze the work they require from us. Based on the work that needs to be done, we accordingly set a customized price for the client. Therefore, the more the SEO tasks, the more they'll be charged. Hence, every client is priced separately as every client has different requirements. The work differs and so they are priced variably. 

How Can You Resell Our SEO Services? 

It's easy to sell our SEO services to your clients. Follow the simple steps that are given below to resell SEO program: 

  • Recognize a client's target market and requirements. 
  • Identify the packages that you'd like to sell from us. 
  • Connect with us to get your custom deal. 
  • Sign up and get the client on board. 

If you have any trouble following these simple steps, we're always ready to take charge or even assist you in completing these steps. 

FAQs + more

It depends on the type of business and the goals that they seek to achieve. It necessitates a detailed understanding of a company, as well as its niche and present market situation. We can help you choose the appropriate Reseller plan for your clients based on our experience and knowledge.

You get a full-fledged SEO team of specialists without ever having to invest in an in-house staff when you use our SEO Reseller services. We've been in the industry for more than 12 years and have assisted agencies in rapidly expanding their client base. Moreover, we deliver robust campaigns that are sure to produce results, thanks to cutting-edge SEO and constant communication with all our clients.

Your market reputation improves as you produce better results for your clients, which leads to additional clients and dominance. With EZ Rankings, you can get started on your path to success right now.

With over a decade of experience, EZ Rankings is a licensed SEO Reseller provider. We offer comprehensive 360 SEO Reseller solutions, which means we're dedicated to bringing you new clients and helping your business develop. We can certainly assist you in succeeding, from customer proposals to regular reporting and modern SEO.

We create campaigns based on our experience to help your clients outperform their competitors. We keep in touch with them on a regular basis in order to improve our efforts. In addition, we assign a professional project manager for each project to create a single point of contact. Begin today with the EZ Rankings SEO Reseller program.

With our SEO Reseller plan, we can assist you in discovering new initiatives and expanding your business's prospects. We can help you get started with clients by creating pitches and doing a website audit. Throughout, we'll deliver the services through our SEO Reseller services, and you'll be the face.

Your income will skyrocket as a result of increased clientele and improved expert SEO services.

We communicate with our clients on a regular basis using project management software such as Basecamp. You may readily see the direction in which your client's campaigns are heading with such tools. We also provide weekly updates by Skype, Whatsapp, or phone to keep you informed about the initiatives. Our monthly reports include key indicators that help you understand the campaign's trends and patterns. We are with you every step of the way, providing crucial information at every turn.

Again depends upon your niche, competition, and many other factors. But for higher rankings, you can expect anywhere from 4 months to 6 months, in rare cases, maybe even a year. Being a continuous process, the competition also gets stiffer with time. Establishing authority takes time and maintaining it is a 24/7 effort. Ethical SEO practices such as content marketing, technical SEO, website performance optimization, etc. must all be followed at scale to achieve optimum results.

SEO packages take care of multiple aspects that are important for your site's performance. Majorly three things are included in the SEO reseller packages - first is the technical issue resolution, second is on-page SEO and the third is off-page SEO. In technical SEO, your site's all existing technical glitches are fixed to boost the UI & UX. On-page SEO helps in optimizing the site's structure for search engines. In off-page SEO, all promotional activities and branding activities are covered.

In the event that your clients have any technical issues with SEO performance, we can manage their support requests. We can assist you if your in-house team is unable to provide any type of SEO solution or if you don't have one. We'd prefer to schedule phone calls with your clients so that we can deliver real-time solutions without revealing our identities.

We can also assist you to gain more clients by placing pitches on your behalf. You ask SEO, and we'll take care of it.

Never, we follow a very strict working procedure to make sure our identity is never exposed to your clients. We are always working for you anonymously to help you serve your customers in a better way.

To protect your privacy and to improve the quality of the overall SEO services, EZ Rankings have certain terms of services that you need to agree on before starting the work. In our terms of services, everything from copyright to reporting is carefully covered so you don't need to worry about anything.

All clients' reports will be complied with and presented under your brand name, logo, and color theme. Therefore, all you need to do is just share the reports with your clients under your name. This will help you gain higher trust from your customers as all the reports are going from your brand. With time, your market reputation boosts, making you a major SEO provider and that too, without any additional work or an in-house team.  We do the work while you get the name.

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